The frustration of maintaining a clean and organized home can be cured by adopting 10 simple, recurrent routines.
Time, money and sanity can be saved by adopting these routines and in no time people may even marvel and whisper “how does she do it?”.

Designate one day of the week for thorough cleaning. Vacuum, mop, dust all areas of the home, including inside cupboards and divan bases. Clean all bathrooms. Remove trash from every room.

Designate one day for bills. Place bills as they come in the door in a predetermined area to be reviewed and paid only on bill day.

Save one day for outside chores. On this day, clean the car, sweep front porch and deck, perform lawn or driveway maintenance depending of the season of the year.

Create an errand day. This is the day to go to the library, the post office, the dry cleaner, complete needed store returns and maybe do a bit of shopping for you!

Designate one day for grocery shopping. Create weekly menus and shopping lists prior to your trip.
Use quick morning routines and stick to them! Empty and load the dishwasher, wash 1-2 loads of laundry and wipe down the main bathroom.

Focus on one major area of the home per week. Spend 30 minutes per day on cleaning and de-cluttering this area. Major areas could include the living room, the master bedroom, a closet or try to combine several small rooms of the same nature to work on during the week.

Spend 1 to 2 hours per week on preparing and freezing a week’s worth of dinners. Stand-alone shops have recently profited on this need and their convenience, but there are resources available on the web that provide downloadable menus complete with shopping lists and assembly directions for a more reasonable price.

Identify just one area of your home that is a clutter catcher. Keep this area totally clear at all times on a daily basis. Some refer to these areas as “hot spots” or “hot zones”.

Set aside one day for YOU. On this day schedule medical, dental and pampering appointments for you only. Save other family appointments for your errand day.

Book sales on this subject are spiking, as the ideals of an orderly home swirl around every mother’s head. The reality of life, with multiple and ever changing schedules, quickly strips these visions and leave many frustrated, confused and living in disorder. The idea of routines, often rejected as old fashioned, boring and imparting visions of June Cleaver, can actually be the daily provider of more time and peace in the home.

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