Imagine this – it is a Saturday afternoon and it is your child’s birthday party and the young guests will start arriving in just over three hours. As you are walking through the house making sure everything is in order, you come across a horrible smell in the hallway.

You naturally check the kids’ room first, but their rooms are in a clean order and smell good. You then check the guest bathroom and there you find the problem…the toilet appears to be leaking and the whole room stinks of raw sewage!

Now you are obviously faced with a serious problem that needs to be fixed extremely quickly. You make your way to the computer and do a frantic search for a local plumber service.

You grab the phone and call the listing you have selected, and are extremely relieved to hear it is a human voice who answers the call. “So you need a plumber to rescue you?” At this point, you have probably never heard any words that will make you happier – just what you needed to hear to prevent you from cancelling the party. Your mood will improve even further twenty minutes later when the plumber’s van pulls up in front of your house. Although emergency plumbers are used to this sort of scenario, they probably have no idea how grateful homeowners are to see them arrive.

The plumber reaches the bathroom with his very important box of tools ready to tackle the toilet. But first he turns to ask you if any children could have flushed any toys or items of clothing down the toilet, as this can cause serious problems. Most young children think flushing the toilet is great fun, so if you have young kids at home you will certainly have to consider that this is a possibility if you have not taken any precautions to keep the children away from the toilet.

In this predicament, the most likely scenario is your plumber will use a snakelike tool to begin a search of the contents of your toilet bowl. If like me you do have mischievous children who have a kind of fascination with the lavatory, it is likely that if that will discover a toy or another foreign object has been flushed down the toilet.

Once the plumber has identified the problem, some muscle power will be required. In most cases a plumber will be able to clear the blockage with a plunger, and you may be very surprised at what comes out. On the birthday party day of my son that I am describing, my plumber to the rescue extracted an alarm clock that had gone missing from my husband’s bedside table two weeks previously. The toilet had been used several times since, although it was not the main toilet in our home, and as a result a blockage had occurred.

Fortunately for me, once the plumber had left I was able to quickly mop up the excess water with bleach, and the smell disbursed and none of our guests were any the wiser. However, I could have saved myself $130 plus a lot of stress by fitting a childproof lock to the toilet lid.

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