Create a Cosy Living Room: Decorating and Furnishing Advice
Whether you are watching TV, reading, doing homework, surfing the Internet, listening to music or just relaxing; the living room should definitely be a comfort zone. Most people want their living rooms to be attractive and cosy, safe, comfortable, nurturing spaces in their homes. Cosy decorating means incorporating items that are familiar to the occupants, things that make them feel comfortable, and personal items that reflect their style and interests.

Use Familiar Items, Themes and Colours

To create a welcoming, friendly space; use familiar items such as a large couch, flanked by end tables, and reclining chairs, book cases, wall art, and floor lamps. Unless the whole house is decorated in a severe style, such as minimalist, modern, or art noveau; the living room is not the place for sharp edges, metallic objects, or jarring colours. Common thematic styles like woodsy; with muted greens and browns, and nature items throughout the room, or contemporary; with pastels and soft accents; put visitors at ease and inspire a relaxed feeling.

Make It Comfortable

The living room is the place for comfortable furniture, colours and sounds: Couches, chairs and tables should all be comfortable to sit on and touch, without hard surfaces or edges. Wall art, pictures, and accessories such as lamps, decorative vases, and collectibles, should be easy on the eye; creating visual comfort for observers. Furniture and electronics like TVs, music systems, and computers, should all be arranged within easy reach; uncluttered, and easy to access for use. A reading corner should be furnished in an inviting and comfortable fashion, with an area rug, recliner or rocking chair, and a good reading lamp; to create a mini-environment in the space, which beckons occupants to sit and read. You can see some great examples of this at

Personal Items

Use personal items in the living room to give guests a hint of your interests, styles and activities. Personal photos, artwork, souvenirs from travels, and collections, turn a living room into a personal space that reflects your life. Personalising the living room makes it cosier, more comfortable and intimate; surrounding you with memorable items from your experiences, and inviting guests to know you better.

Focal Point and Traffic Pattern

Furnish and decorate the living room around a focal point, such as a fire place, flat-screen TV, bay window, or French doors. Arrange furnishings so that there is a good traffic pattern, from entrances and throughout the room. Do not confuse cosy with clutter: Too much clutter creates chaos instead of cosiness, and interferes with uninterrupted traffic. Everything in the living room should be easily accessible, comfortable to use, and unhindered with excess. Limit what is brought into the room, including pictures for the walls, candles for the coffee table or mantle, houseplants, and furniture: Even the smallest spaces can feel more expansive when uncluttered.

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