Novel Wall Clock Positioning Tips: Getting Creative With Timepieces

There is a variety of ways that you can get creative when hanging wall clocks.

Clocks run our lives: The steady ticking of the hands regulates everything we do, from the moment we wake up until its time to go to sleep. A wall clock is a particularly prominent clock that sits above a room, casting time over the entire area. Prominent and highly visible, these pieces are an important component of any space. However you can do a lot more than just hang a wall clock: There are a variety of clever tricks you can use, to make your clock arrangements more interesting and dramatic.

Clocks in Their Numbers

One of the most basic clock tricks you can use, is to decorate in their numbers: Hanging multiple clocks; all set to precisely the same time, is a way to make a space look really sharp and exact. A variation on this, is to have multiple clocks all set to times in various parts of the world. Just make sure that you label what each clock is displaying, so that you don’t cause confusion for your guests.

Multiple clocks don’t all have to be exactly the same style either. If you can find a manufacturer that produces timepieces that are the same in design, but that allow you to customise the colours of the wall clocks; you can create some rather interesting and complex arrangements on your walls.

If you do purchase clocks which are different in design, to hang in the same space; make certain that they at least follow some sort of a theme. If the timepieces are all too disparate, you risk making the space feel chaotic and disconnected. Themes can include hobbies, sayings, interests, or even patterns and colours.

Clock Positioning

With positioning, multiple clocks don’t have to just hang in a straight line: They can be set horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, or even in a rounded design i.e. semi-circle. If you have enough wall space you can even create geometric shapes, using a variety of small wall clocks.

One way to add an interesting theme to an otherwise drab room, is to decorate it like a clock ‘art gallery’. Line the walls with a wide variety of interesting and unusual timepieces: This way you don’t have to worry about the clocks all having a common colour or theme, and in fact the greater the variety, the more interesting and successful the space will be.

Really Crazy Clock Decorating

Another clever clock decorating tip, is to purchase the same clock in multiples, possibly with variations on the colour, and hang one in every room in the building. This will serve to draw the décor of the entire home together, and will act as a common theme throughout the space.

Wall clocks can do a lot more than just hang on the walls: They can be used to create themes, hung in patterns, or help to draw the entire home together. All you have to do is decorate with a creative, open mind, and allow a little imagination to creep in, when choosing how to hang a wall clock.

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