Transitional Decorating is characterised by clean lines and a blend of design elements, and creates a comfort zone between traditional decorating schemes, and the cold feel of certain trends in contemporary decor. Explore ideas in transitional furniture to create a room, or an entire home, using transitional style for its comfort and visually appealing elements. This decorating strategy combines comfort and an up-to-date feel, that retains a sense of warmth and welcome to give your home its character. In transitional decorating; expanses of solid, neutral colour create a more open feeling.
Incorporating transitional furniture into your home decorating scheme doesn’t have to follow any hard rules. In general, avoid overstuffed upholstered furniture and fussy details in woodwork. Choosing neutral colours such as tan, light brown, cream, and warm shades of gray and taupe, for any fabric elements of the furniture; enhances the clean look of the furniture. In this style, avoid splashy prints, intense colours, old-fashioned textiles like brocades, heavily textured fabrics, and dated prints. Basic seating such as sofas, love seats, and armchairs with cushions that fit the furniture, instead of over-sized sofas and recliners, suit transitional decor.

Transitional Furniture

A decorating scheme with transitional furniture usually features straight legs and neat lines, although chairs with curved frames add interest. Although a variety of new furniture suits this look, classics such as Mission tables, desks, armchairs, coffee tables, and footstools, work well for a transitional room. Asian-themed furniture like tea chests, occasional tables, low tables, and shoji screens for defining space within large rooms, coordinate well for transitional decor. Certain vintage furniture, such as the simple and distinctive furniture by Eames. works well with this style.

Transitional Living Room

Combining rectangular elements, like a simple coffee table and sofa, set off by a curved chaise lounge or loveseat, creates a comfortable transitional living room. Alternatively, pair matching sofas with a low coffee table, for a clean design. Echo the clean geometry of the room with rectangular framed photographs. Matching wood finishes, such as selecting all pine, all maple or all oak furniture, gives this simple living room design a calm unity. Adding a vase with a curved shape and a tall spray of fresh flowers or foliage, sets off the calm mood of a transitional living room.

Transitional Bedroom
A transitional bedroom offers simplicity, comfort and style. A simple bed with an unadorned rectangular headboard combined with basic nightstands, a straight-legged bed bench and a matching dresser, all in a basic style such as Mission, or a Japanese-style bedroom with a low bed and black lacquer chests, offer options for a transitional bedroom, featuring simplicity and a refreshing warmth. Continue the uncluttered appeal of this style by choosing bedding in solid fabrics or a subtle geometric print that nearly disappears. Use soft colours, i.e. earth tones, with a dominant neutral colour like white, slate-gray, sand, or dark brown; for the furniture, bedding, area rug, and window treatments.

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