Moving to another country can be exciting. There are many things to think about when moving internationally, such as where to move to, visas, applications, and necessary documents. Relocating to another country can pose many problems, unless you have wisely invested time into preparing for your move, says Claire Haigh from, an agency that specialises in Spanish property and relocation services.

Where to Move

Deciding where to move is difficult. Things to consider are a country’s culture and economic conditions; including exchange rates and inflation. According to Transitions Abroad; climate, food, and even exotic diseases, are important factors to consider as well. Read as much as you can about the countries you are interested in: Learning the language will help you blend in with the locals. Another factor to consider is this: Some countries charge taxes or have restrictions on what household items you can bring into the country. That includes having automobiles shipped to your new country.


Most countries require each family member to have a visa or a residency permit. These applications can be obtained through an embassy office, through a state department or online. Give plenty of time when applying for visas or residency permits, as they can take several months to process.


Gather official copies of important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, proofs of citizenship or green card, social security cards, and vaccination records. Expatica advises those moving internationally to gather copies of medical and dental records, academic records including any diplomas or degrees, employment records, and living wills or testaments. Start gathering them early, since it often takes several weeks to receive them.


Many countries have social health care systems for citizens, but you may have to meet certain requirements to be eligible for health care coverage in your new country, according to Expatica. Having your own international health and dental insurance, ensures coverage if you need it, at least until you arrange something in your new country. Driving in another country will require that you have the correct car insurance as well.


Notify your bank of your move as soon as your move is confirmed: Expatica advises you to consider online international banking, because it makes managing accounts and transferring funds much easier.

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