If you live in the UK, you likely experience some very cold winters. By insulating your attic properly with fiberglass blankets, you can save money on heating costs. The amount of insulation you will need depends on the size of your attic and how far apart the joists are.

Difficulty: This is a challenging job, and unless you are very handy you might want to contact a loft conversion specialist. I recommend this Sutton Coldfield loft company.

Things You’ll Need:

Utility knife
Work gloves
Protective eyewear
Measuring tape
Fiberglass insulation blankets with vapor barrier

 Step 1

Measure the square footage of your attic and multiply it by 0.90 if your joists are 16 inches apart and by 0.94 if they are 24 inches apart. This number represents the total square footage of insulation that you’ll need.

Step 2

Lay blankets of fiberglass insulation beginning at the outside edges of the attic moving towards the center. Place them with the paper vapor barrier facing down and in between the ceiling joists.

Step 3

Cut the blankets to fit the spaces between the joists with a utility knife. Fit the sections end-to-end, using smaller sections to fill any spaces; butt the ends together at joints to block any heat escape.
Step 4

Place a second layer of insulation over the first at right angles to the joists if you need additional insulation to meet your R-value requirements. Cut away the vapor barrier on the second layer by slashing it away with the utility knife.


1. Always wear protective eye wear and a respirator when working with fiberglass insulation. Also wear clothing that covers your arms and legs.
2. When installing insulation in the attic don’t cover any vents for your heating system.
3. Keep insulation away from recessed light fixtures, leaving at least three inches between the fixture and the insulation.
4. Work carefully around any wiring so you don’t disturb it.
5. Never place a second layer of insulation over another unless you remove the vapor barrier first.

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