The best venue for many timeshare owners to sell their property is the Internet. Online publications and virtual brokers help owners move timeshares without the expensive process of showing properties to prospective buyers. You can resell your timeshare online, by providing honest information to motivated buyers. Here are some tips:

1: Work with a real estate attorney, to iron out an agreement to resell your timeshare. Your attorney should have experience in creating contracts in a digital format, while maintaining your rights as timeshare owner.

2: Negotiate basic details of a timeshare purchase over the phone, with an impartial witness at hand. You should not agree to final arrangements over the phone, but discuss a timetable for transferring ownership, as well as a rough outline of purchase arrangements.

3: Overwhelm potential buyers with a deluge of digital photos, as you endeavour to resell your timeshare online. Offer several views of each room, as well as photos looking out of each window, to give buyers the feeling of a virtual tour.

4: List your timeshare in the online classifieds of a trusted real estate publication. There are magazines like Timeshare Advisor Magazine that have virtual listings, to attract a high amount of interest from international buyers

5: Communicate with fellow timeshare owners as you try to resell your portion of the property. A meeting between the eventual buyer and your timeshare colleagues can alleviate concerns about adherence to timeshare rules and obligations.

6: Harness the power of the Internet, by using an online broker with connections to hundreds of real estate companies. A website like Timeshare Hot Deal allows a seller to solicit advice and quotes, from brokers capable of reselling his property

7: Place your resell price in context, by looking to the international market for timeshares. A review of listings through companies like the European Timeshare Owners Organization, informs your decision to create a price appropriate for the virtual market

Tips & Warnings

Initiate the resell process online, by setting a realistic price for your timeshare. The similarity of timeshares on the same property, along with a housing favourable to buyers, drives down the prices of resold timeshares. Set your asking price between 10 and 15 percent below purchase price, to get inquiries from eager buyers.

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