Decorator’s Ideas to Cover a TV

Not everyone wants to look at their television all the time, particularly when it’s off and no one is watching anything. Maybe you just want to hide your television during an important event that you’re hosting. Whatever the reason you want to cover up your television, you have several methods to chose from, each creating a different look.

Vintage Shutters

Hang vintage or antique shutters on either side of your television: Open or close them to expose or hide the TV. If you want to temporarily hide a television above a mantel, set the shutters on the mantel and lean them against the chimney, covering the television in the process.

Picture Frame and Art

Hang a fancy, bold-looking picture frame around your television. Removable artwork can scroll down from behind the frame, to cover the television when you’re not watching. Match the style of the frame and the artwork to the room’s décor.

Furniture with Doors

The classic way to cover up a television is to put it into an armoire or another piece of furniture fitted with doors. To hide the TV, simply close the doors. An armoire has the added advantage of containing extra space; shelves and drawers, that can be used for cable television boxes, game decks and DVD players. Store game discs and DVDs in the armoire’s drawers.

Miscellaneous Furniture

An electronic lift cabinet raises and lowers your television, keeping it out of sight when it’s tucked into the cabinet. Some models are actually fireplaces and the television lowers into the back, others store the television beneath your bed, or in the footboard.  One idea features revolving doors, that display the television on one side of the door and bookshelves on the other.

There are many clever ways to hide a TV, so you are sure to find one to suit your space.

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