Did you know that the World Health Organization once gave recognition to Javea as having the healthiest climate in the world? Also, they are known to have the highest number of recorded hours of sunshine per year than any other place in Spain. If you are ready to experience what the World Health Organization has been talking about, browse through our list of places where you can find Javea property to rent or buy for you and your family.

Javea – the town on Costa Blanca, is a town of great beauty and the ultimate stop for those looking for peace and serenity. In Javea, nature has been so generous in providing this small town with a pure blue, clean and revealing sea as well as the mountain that provides lush vegetation to the towns numerous local species of flora and fauna. Javea is known to be Costa Blanca’s tourist and maritime town.

Being able to find the perfect and comfortable Javea villas to rent can be exhausting at times. Let us help you pinpoint the perfect Javea villas to rent so that you can be assured that your stay in our town well be worth it.

The town of Javea is categorically separated into three distinct sections that are more than anything different from one another. One of the sections is the old town of Javea, which is set far back from the coastline of Javea. This old town, which is also called as the original Javea, is where you can find a rich display of Spanish history as well as culture. In this section, tourists will be able to find the very typical narrow streets that are distinct of old towns. Shopkeepers in this section still speak Javea’s local language of “Valenciano” and it has a unique Spanish feel to it. The good time to visit this place is during Thursday’s when businessmen set up a big market in the Plaza de la Constitucion.

The other section of Javea is its port area. The area has a sight of fishing boats, vessels, luxury yachts as well as bars, cafes and restaurants that are situated by the seafront.

Last but not the least, the third section is the popular Arenal Beach. The beach attracts a big number of tourists from around the world because of its crescent shaped sandy beach that is being lined by bars, cafes, restaurants, gift shops as well as ice cream parlors.

Enjoying all these attractions will be more enjoyable if you have a place in Javea to call to home, or a home-from-home. Nothing beats appreciating the sights and sounds of this small town at the comfort of your Javea villa. Javea villas boast of a lot of things – world class amenities, service that are at par to everyone’s standards and the guarantee that you will enjoy every minute spent in Javea.

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