Kitchens and dining rooms work together, to provide spaces for cooking, entertaining, and gathering of friends and family. Give these rooms unity, by coordinating each individual design to complement the other. Use unifying objects, materials, and colours, to achieve a cohesive design. For a more dramatic design makeover, consider removing the walls that separate the dining room from the kitchen, to create a great room.

Unify with Colour

To create a natural flow from the kitchen area to the dining room, apply one paint colour throughout both spaces. Painting the rooms in the same shade provides continuity in the space and encourages the eye to wander; making the rooms appear larger ,as well as more unified. Provide some distinction between the two spaces, by painting one room a slightly darker hue of the same shade. You will benefit from the continuity of colour, while also giving each room its own personality. Use coordinating or matching window treatments and fabrics, to add additional fusion of the two separate rooms.

Coordinate Accessories and Accents

Both kitchen spaces and dining areas require adequate storage units: Create unity by using the same shelving and cabinet units in both areas. Use matching fabric to cover chairs for the dining room, and some framed artwork to hang in the kitchen. Add a comfortable touch to your kitchen by incorporating plush seating; traditionally reserved for living rooms or dens. A large armchair or small couch strategically placed in the kitchen, will encourage friends and family to linger. Match upholstery in the kitchen, to dining room chairs or window treatments, to keep the space feeling open.

Open Up the Space

To create a truly unified kitchen and dining area, open up the space to create a great room. Remove walls or pass-throughs to create a large open floor plan: This option may not be a do-it-yourself project, as it will require demolition and possibly electrical work. With an open floor plan, the room immediately gains a continuity previously hindered by a blocked line of vision. Decorate the space as if it is one room, using furniture placement to define spaces for relaxing, dining and cooking. Be sure to obtain any necessary building permits before beginning demolition and construction.

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