I used to own a B&B – www.racehorseinn.co.uk, and picked up many ideas for design during my 10 years there. Here I share some of my best tips to add style to your home.

Kitchen & Dining Room Home Improvement: Ideas & Tips

The kitchen and dining room are both primarily functional areas, but they can also be stylish centres that can increase the value of your home. Especially in the kitchen, makeovers that include new flooring, appliances, counter tops, window coverings, and paint treatments, can be a large investment, but they help to build equity in your home. If you are looking for ways to update the look of your kitchen and dining room, keep some design and improvement tips in mind.

Design Scheme

Your decor style can guide the look of the space: Some decorating schemes are modern, contemporary, traditional, country, cottage, or eclectic. It is important to maintain smooth design flow from room to room, to unify the spaces. Look to magazines, books, and showrooms, for design inspiration. Even a piece of fabric or a specific appliance, such as a retro-styled fridge or a sleek stainless oven, can be the source of your decorating style choice. You may already have a design scheme in mind; but if not, it is possible to find a jumping-off point from one of these sources.


When it comes to making over your kitchen, maintain a functional work flow in the space. While your kitchen can be a stylish room in your house, it also serves a purpose as a place to prepare and serve food. To create a functional work zone in your kitchen, emphasise the “working triangle” of the space. This triangle includes three points: your sink, stove, and refrigerator. Whether your kitchen is a galley style, L-shaped, island kitchen, or U-shaped room, a work triangle that is free of obstruction from point to point should be established.


Regardless of your budget, some simple decorating instantly enhances the look of these two rooms: Try a simple coat of paint, which unifies the two spaces and adds a fresh look to the rooms. Keep the design features and accessories, such as lighting fixtures, window treatments, linens and furniture styles, consistent; to create flow between the kitchen and dining room. For example, if your kitchen is industrial-inspired, stick to metal surfaces or glass for your dining room tabletop, as opposed to a rustic wood finish.


One of the most effective ways to make your kitchen and dining room meet your needs is to renovate: This may be a difficult task, but it can enhance the quality and usability between the two rooms. For example, if your kitchen is boxed off from the dining room, create a pass-through on the connecting wall, or remove this wall altogether, to create a more open floor plan. If the layout of your kitchen inhibits your ability to work in the space, repositioning appliances to create the proper working triangle can be a real benefit to the usability of this room.



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