For years, interior designers have known the secrets of creating a beautiful room and though they rarely share those secrets, many will agree that throw pillows and fabulous fabric upholstered beds like those on sale here are always included in their design. This is the simple and economical way to create a space that is unforgettable. As with clothing, bedding, furnishings and others, throw pillow designs have evolved over the years. They go through their own cycles and trends.

Popular Fabrics

Certain fabrics and colors always seem to be in style and others come and go. One good example is shag rugs, which were very popular in the 60s. Today this style can be seen in a more modern version with a shorter pile. Decorative pillows in textured fabrics are very popular because these fabrics with a longer pile add interest to a room’s design. Most people also say they’re very comfortable and soft. Silk is another popular fabric for throw pillows and that is likely because silk is a luxurious fabric that feels nice and wears well. Today’s modern silk fabrics can usually be cleaned with a damp rag.

Popular Colors

Certain colors also come into popularity every few years. Teal is a good example of this. For the last 10 or 12 years, this color has been a favorite in everything from automobiles to furniture and clothing. Various shades of this color can be found still today. This is a color often used by interior designers because of its versatility. Since this is basically a shade of blue green, teal works to center a room’s design and it gives off an elegant feel. Off-white and beige colors are timeless and have gained more popularity because they look good with all other colors. Shades of red are also ageless, but they require some thought in order to blend in with other components. Rustic red colors help a room to feel more casual, while bright reds are seen as elegant and formal.

Throw Pillows with A Purpose

When decorating a bedroom, designers often use nice soft fabrics such as chenille and cotton. These blend well with comforters and bedding. Bedrooms are a great place for metallic silver and gold colors. In a family room, most designers will stick with fabrics that are very durable. This room of the home often gets used the most so furnishings, rugs, and throw pillows will get lots of abuse over the years.

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