Renovating a Bathroom Requires a Budget: Improving the Looks and Value of Your Home

The bathroom is an excellent renovation project, to add value, comfort, and stylish looks to your home: Proper planning will make your bathroom project a success.

Developing a project plan, is the first step when renovating a bathroom. The project plan should include your design plan, project time line, project budget, and a personal skills list. When taking on renovation projects it is very easy to keep adding on additional items, which drives up the cost of your project: So what is the starting point with the project? Let’s begin by developing your project plan:

Renovation Items
First identify what changes you would like to make with your bathroom project. Record these in list form and identify all changes and additions to the project, that will require contractor assistance. Next, begin to cost out your project; for example, let’s assume that new tile flooring is planned for your project. Calculate the square footage of your room, determine if you will need to apply an additioanl product to your sub-flooring, such as cement board.

Be certain to identify the specific floor tile that you plan to use, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the tile. Floor tile comes with different friction values, which is important for use in a bathroom, where water will be a common element on your floor: Local home improvement stores have worksheets that are provided free of charge, to calculate your material needs.

Personal Skills List
This is one piece of the project that many homeowners forget to include in the project plan: Following your assessment of the renovation project, it is important to determine what specific items on the renovation list you will require professional asistance in completing. For example, if you plan on moving a sink, do you have the skills and proper tools necessary to move and install the new sink.

Having the proper tools for each specific application is important; not only for saving time but for assuring safety. A decision to rent or buy equipment usually enters into your assessment: i.e. if followng your assessment, you plan to tile the floor and walls. If you do not have a wet saw, a decision will have to be made as to whether you will rent or buy one: This can have a significant impact on your budget.

Project Timeline
The timeline is an important part of your project for several reasons: First, it puts everyone involved with the project on the same page, relative to the estimated time a project should take for completion; especially if this is going to be a working-weekends-only project. When putting your time line together be realistic, taking into account your individual skills and level of competency. Secondly, the inconvenience of a bathroom renovation project can wear on the patience of family members, especially if there is just one other bathroom to use.

Project Budget
Take your time when preparing your budget: Preparing an accurate budget can save a lot of personal frustration as the project continues. Following your completion of the renovation assessment list, personal skills list, and project time line, you are ready to complete your project budget. Once the home owners have agreed on the budget, it is important to stay within this amount: Adding on items to your renovation will increase the cost and completion time of the project.

Home renovation projects can be fun, and a great way to add value to your home, especially if you are planning to sell your propertry. Proper planning assures success of the project, and significantly reduces project frustration and disappointment. Be extremely honest when preparing your skills list: This list, perhaps more than any other, holds the key to your project’s success.

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