Treating yourself to a new interior design can liven up your surroundings and your spirits: You don’t even have to spend a fortune with these simple tips to update your decor suggested by Donna Greaves from

Vibrantly Coloured Walls

A room adorned with neutral colouring is instantly transformed, with the application of a more vivid colour: Change earth tones or basic off-white walls into something more stimulating; by giving them, or at least one wall, a coat of orange, shocking pink, or lime green. The makeover should continue by introducing a new texture: Add a more vivid colour to the walls through using techniques like sponging, rag-rolling, or stenciling same-colour designs.

Hanging Odd Objects From a Ceiling

Restaurant chains don’t have to have a monopoly on weird items hanging from the ceiling. Give your own room a makeover by utilising odd discoveries from flea markets, junk stores, or yard sales; hang them unexpectedly from the ceiling. Suspended items might include a painted wooden rocking horse, a ship’s anchor, a large mobile made of CDs or DVDs, the artistically-painted lid of an old-fashioned aluminum garbage can, or a complete fencing uniform consisting of jacket, breeches, foils and headgear.

Random Floor Tiling

No law exists to say you have to use the same tile design across the entire span of your floor. One way to add an offbeat style to your  home, is to buy a selection of differently patterned or coloured floor tiles, and then use them randomly, or in a well-controlled anarchic state of design. This makeover idea allows you to use that really expensive tile design you like, without blowing your entire budget on the flooring.

Paint It Black

You don’t see many residential rooms with black walls, but there’s no reason not to: Your decorating scheme might include walls that are halfway painted in black; from the ceiling to two-thirds the way down the wall. The bottom one third of the wall should be either painted a glossy white, panelled with wood, or covered up entirely by your furnishings. For the best effect, paint black only two walls that meet in a common corner, and paint the other walls a more colourfully contrasting hue, like yellow or very light red. You’ll have to paint the ceiling white, to avoid feeling like you live in a cave. Finish the makeover by decorating just one of the black walls with a large, bold, vibrantly coloured piece of artwork.

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