Tween Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Trends in What Boys Want in Their Own Space

Take a look at some of the hottest trends in tween boys bedrooms: Including ideas from bedroom furniture, to bedroom decor, and more.

If you are under the impression that boys do not care what their bedroom looks like, you are wrong. Most boys take great pride in the decor of their room, even if it is laden with clothes, toys, and junk all over the place. Here are the hottest trends in bedroom decorating ideas, for boys between the ages of 9 to 12.

Bedroom Furniture
The most popular piece of furniture that almost any boy wants in his room is a place to sit, such as a chair, futon, or sofa. A cool bed actually comes second on the list; Items that have wood frames are very popular among boys. They also like storage spaces that are creative and unique; This includes platform beds with storage drawers. Popular bedroom furniture pieces include:

Computer desk
CD Storage

Bedroom Decor
Decor has to be more grown up looking, but still fun, and this can be tricky: By this age, he is probably not too enthusiastic about having a theme anymore. The best advice would come from your tween himself, as he knows what interests him. The trick is to combine what he is interested in having, with a sense of style; Try some of these tips:

Consider using stencils to personalise his room: This way he can have what he likes on his walls, and paintings can be changed at any time.
Flip through magazines to get up-to-the-minute ideas.
Stick to an idea, and don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Today’s tweens like to mix and match, so don’t stress on fine details.
Don’t go overboard on spending: What he likes this year will certainly change by next year.
If your tween is still interested in having a theme for his room, while this makes decorating easier, it can add up in costs. If you are on a budget, have your child limit items such as lamps, rugs, night lights, etc., to what he really needss, as opposed to just what would be nice to have.

Tween boys usually like blues and neutral colours. It says, “I’m not a kid anymore.” Matching sheet and blanket sets are still okay with this crowd, so that should satisfy a mom’s need for order and sanity. Curtains of one colour are popular; Just choose the main colour of the rest of the room, and go with that colour for curtains.

Posters are always cool with tween boys, and they are usually inexpensive if you purchase them at a discount store. In fact, you can dedicate one whole wall to posters of your tween’s favorite characters and stars, and he would be thrilled with it. Other accessories that you might consider for a boys room would include:

Switch plate
Something to write on and hold notes (whiteboard and corkboard)

If your child is artistic, he should be allowed at least one wall to decorate himself, but without artistic talents; best left to the adults for now!

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