home alarmHome security alarms are becoming very common and its enhanced usage has created much fuss and competition in the security promising companies. What can you have after selecting a security alarm service? Here is a review presented to elaborate your thoughts.

Raising Expectations

Technology is changing rapidly with every passing day. Innovation is making your jaws drop, but on the other hand cultivating expectations as well. Every time you hear something new, has made its way to the market, you expect it to be better than its competitor were ever before. People now expect new products to do wonders in their lives. Now that 2016 is already on our calendars, a lot of new security systems equipped with the latest technology blessings are on the wish list of many. What extraordinary would they have? Which new systems are being introduced? What to expect out of security system in 2016? How will the new security systems be better than the already existing ones? These questions need to be answered. Let us find out what is expected in 2016 of security systems.

What must a Security System have in 2016?

Every day has its own demands. Let’s have a look at the features a security system must have, which are necessary to meet the security demands of the very day.

  • Mobile Connectivity:

To begin with is Mobile Connectivity feature. Typing passwords every time you enter the house gets quite frustrating with time, especially when you have had a rough day at work. Make sure the security system you choose has a smartphone application to allow you control your home alarm system.

  • Touchscreen:

Remember a SimonXT keypad panel is not what you should be having in 2016. Keypad panels with buttons for 1-9 needs an immediate upgrade. Companies are using touchscreen 2gig technologies. Choose a system you can control without the hectic pressing of buttons. Touchscreen has been the new cool for quite a long time now.

  • Wireless Connectivity:

Get rid of the wires. Not just is the wired system obsolete but also costly. Make sure the batteries have ion lithium backup too.

Attractive specifications

Now that we are done with what a security system must have, let’s look at which features would make your security a little more than good.

  • Do-It-Yourself Installation:

A do-it-yourself installation would be great. Though you can always hire a professional to help you with the installation but it’s always good to get it done yourself.

  • Sensors:

Security Systems generally have motion sensors but they are companies which are working to include better sensors like detecting carbon monoxide and water leaks. Imagine how good it would be.

  • Alarms and Alerts:

Now security systems are working on sending alerts to the police and other concerned authorities in case of any emergency for instant help.

Security System Features:

Listed below, are some great features of the some highly recommended security systems.  Check out Alarm Reviews for a full list of home security reviews.


  • Dual Network for dual protection.
  • Auto-dial or sends SMS to alert you in case of any break in.
  • Notifies you of guests entering your house and children opening doors and windows.
  • Loud wireless indoor siren alerts neighbors to deter potential intruders.
  • Power outage warning.

 Fortress Security Store:

  • Dual Network which connects the unit to your landline and GSM.
  • You can call the system any minute of the hour and check your security status and arm or disarm your alarm.
  • It offers all functions of a high-end alarm monitoring system, that too without any monthly charges.
  • Wireless System.


  • Auto Installation.
  • No long term contracts.
  • 24/7 monitoring stations.
  • Affordable rates save you hundreds of dollars every year.
  • Cellular modem built-in.


  • Supports Remote View via 3G Mobile and Smartphones.
  • Free E-Cloud.
  • No hard drive included. H.264 Hardware Compression.
  • United States Local Service available 24/7.


  • Sends notification on your smartphone if any door has opened or closed.
  • Knows the temperature in your home.
  • It is Zig-Bee powered and has a range of 50-150 feet, depending on the construction of your home.
  • Knows the movement of your jewelry box.

Continuing Trends:

2014 has been a great year for technology. Let’s observe the trends in security systems which were followed in 2014 and find out what is expected in 2016.


2014 observed trends of Do-It-Yourself home devices. Analysts predict that this trend will raise sales of $18 billion in the United States and there are chances that the figure could even go to $39 billion by 2019.

Peace of Mind:

One thing that matters the most, but you don’t realize it is peace of mind. Security systems may be good, but unless they run smoothly, they are if no use. You need a system which does not cause trouble every other day. Cameras, motion detection, temperature monitoring and intrusion notification provides you a care free aura of system security.


The youth today want security cameras, mobile application and mobile notifications to come along with their security systems. The old generation however have no idea about the technology developments and how to deal gadgets with expertise. To meet the needs of both generations, Do-It-For-Me interactive security works best.

The Best Security System In 2016

Well, it is hard to name one as the best of all. However, we can count PiSector as one of the top class security systems to have. With PiSector, you can crate different ‘zones’ within your home and arm them independently. So now you can have different security for the room with your jewelry and different for your kitchen. Simplisafe is great too. The features are pre-programmed for your convenience. The customers are in love with their SimpliSafe systems.

So having marvelous features in a home security system would never make you think that you are unsafe.

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