Winter Projects for Your Home: Things to Do Around The House During Cold Weather

Looking for some projects to do around your house during the winter? Since winter is a time for staying inside; indoor home improvement projects are a great way to pass the time, while increasing the value of your home. Here are some simple, inexpensive projects to consider, for winter home improvement.

Install a Garage Cabinet
If your garage is like most garages around the universe, it’s full of clutter and disorganisation, so spend a day finding a place for everything. Invest in a good garage cabinet that will enable you to organize tools, hardware and other garage items neatly. This will help keep clutter out of sight and allow residents in the home to find everything when needed. If you are into DIY, you may even be able to make one; custom-made for the space. Another inexpensive way to declutter a garage is by installing large wall hooks, which help get bikes, lawn implements and other items, off the ground and onto the walls. Maybe you’ll even be able to park your car in the garage again when you’re done!

Remodel a Bathroom
Focusing on a small room, enables homeowners to feel a sense of accomplishment when a project is complete. A bathroom is perfect for a small winter home improvement project. Whether replacing a tub, sink and/or toilet, or simply choosing new area rugs, towels, and other bathroom accessories; the area of the room is small, making it a perfect room to start and finish on a cold winter weekend. Even small decorative changes to a bathroom can make a big difference; consider a new wall picture, trash can, or wall shelf.

Love Your Laundry Room
Homeowners often spend more time in the laundry room than in other room of the house, yet it’s usually the most neglected room, in terms of home improvement. Make your laundry room into a restful spot by organising non-seasonal clothing into labeled storage bins, adding a candle or picture, or installing a comfortable chair with favourite reading materials, where one can relax while waiting for the next load of laundry to finish. Adding wall hooks, inexpensive wire shelving, and other storage container units, can make the room seem like a whole new place.

Kids Room Pick-Me-Up
Children have a tendency to acquire some new belongings over the holidays. It would be easy for a home to be overrun by new clothes, new toys, new shoes, etc. So winter is perfect for a redo of your children’s play area. Box up unused items for the yard sale in the spring, donation to a local charity, or storage in the attic or cellar. Organize ‘incoming’ new toys and items into easy-to-reach areas for kids.

Don’t let the winter doldrums get the best of you! Use chilly weather as inspiration for ‘nesting’ and making your home more beautiful for spring.

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